Postponing my reentry date due to COVID-19

I am currently outside of the US but I need to return to the US on OCT 2020 - This is the date of expiration of my Permit to Re-enter. Due to the Covid-19 situation I do not see how I can manage to come back to the US and renew my permit, also I have a background disease and I’m scared to fly in this situation.

Is there a way to change my reentry date or delay the date?


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You can contact the embassy, be prepared for the possibility/probability they will tell you that you will need to apply for a SB1 returning resident visa if you can’t return before the expiry of your re-entry permit. If you have a medical condition preventing travel that should fall under acceptable reasons for SB1, be sure you can document it example letter from your doctor telling you not to travel.
Thanks for the reply.
I did contact them and they told me to make an appointment and bring with me some forms and “proof” why I cannot come.
I do have a medical condition but it’s not officialy considered as a “high risk” (unlike diabetes, high blood pressure etc) yet I am still afraid to fly in this time. Also because of that my doctor does not want to bring me a letter , he says that it isn’t dangerous (at least for him).
What other proof can I bring? I know that the WHO and CDC don’t recommend traveling right now. Do you think that this is enough? I am literally really afraid of flying right now, it gives me anxiety.


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I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I don’t think that’s going to be enough if your doctor is not prepared to give you a letter. if anxiety is the issue might a temporary tranquilizing medication help through the flight?


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I’m not sure what US embassy considers as a valid excuse but a worldwide pandemic with 6 million cases in US seems like a good enough reason to me for a SB1 visa or even for a delayed entry without one that a IJ will not consider as a loss of residency. I’m quite a regular flyer with around 40,000 - 50,000 miles clocked yearly including both domestic and international. But I have not been on a plane since March 7. I do not have any medical anxiety but it’s more than reasonable to avoid travel at this time.