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I have a few questions about the port of entry used for TN application.

1. Can I use any port of entry land and airport with a CBP office in Canada to make my TN application? My address in Canada is in Toronto but I am in Bay Area right in B2 status now and it is easier for me to go to Vancouver or Calgary for this application.

2. Is there any difference between making the application in an Airport or in a land border crossing?

3. Assuming it is possible to make the TN application in any major airport with CBP office in Canada, Can I just fly there in the morning make my application and hopefully get my TN status and fly back to San Francisco in the afternoon? Is there a problem with this plan? Would you have any suggestions if there is a risk in this plan?

Thank you very much for your replies in advance.


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1. Yes, and POE/PFI (airport)
2. No. You must be leaving on a flight to use the airport.
3. No problem. That is what most people do when renewing TN, so quite alright for new one. The only risk is if there is something wrong with your application, you will not be boarded, and will have to fix it before coming back to US. You would have trouble telling them you are still a simple tourist at that point.
Thank you very much Nelsona. I have learned so much about TN from you.

I have seen a Youtube video by immigration lawyer Grasmick about port of entry. The title is "BEST (AND WORST!) PORT-NAFTA TN?"

Actually I was expecting him to say that there is not a significant difference between them. But he claims some port of entry are hugely better than others at least in terms of experience of the applicants.

I don't know what kind of data and methodology he used, but it does not seem logical to me that there should be so much difference between the different branches of the same organization.

What do you think about it?