Port of entry


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Is there any restriction to the Port of Entry for H1B visa holders? Does it have to coincide with the location of assignment as stated on the LCA? What is the impact if the client were to change from A to B (the parent company/primary employer is the same in both cases) between the time of getting the H1 visa stamped and actual date of starting work in US. There is time lapse of about a year due to delays in current projects with the parent company/primary employer in India. Is a new H1/LCA required? Does the visa need to be stamped again? The H1 visa is valid until mid-2003. What questions/problems can be expected at the new port of entry?


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You need a LCA amendment...

First see whether the new workplace is supported in the current LCA. If not ask your employer to file an LCA amendment and carry this amendment. You don\'t need a new H1 stamp.
At POE, Always say that you are working for the H1 employer and the company\'s client is so and so.
Generally officers at POE ignore this, but if they see that you are going to a different port from before, might ask you why.