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I got my GC in 2007 and in 2008, my wife called 911 by mistake and hung up, when they called back she said I dialed by mistake. They said an officer is going to come and check any way.
An officer came and asked my wife why she called 911 and she said I was trying to call india to talk to sis, as I was arguing with my husband and in the hurry I dialed 911.

He said ok and left and said I will have to file a report and took our information(name, DOB). I obtained the report , and contacted a local attorney, who contacted the police, they told him they dont do any thing for such reports.The report says the same as above, but he put the category on the report as Domestic Verbal instead of wrong call.

I want to apply for N400 and I contacted a couple of immi attorneys, who said I should not check any thing on N400 as I was not arrested or charged and it is not a crime, said it is like your name appeared in a police report for an accident or similar .But he did say if you are really worried, I will apply it for you for 2500$ so you can sleep better.

Question: Do I need an attorney, I am not sure what to say if IO brings it up in interview. If my N400 approval is delayed bcoz of it, will it affect GC renewal process , as otherwise I will just wait after GC is renewed in 2017.
Do I need to mention it in the N400.
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You do not need to do anything since you were not arrested. if you were then you would need the disposition. Just apply yourself without attorney. You do not need to disclose anything since they are not asking if your name have been to any police report.


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Thanks lvnp for answering.
If your N400 is delayed, does it affect GC card renewal.
Would appreciate any input


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Hi ammuk!
Could you please share the status of your naturalization? Was it approved? I am assuming you did not report the incident in N400. Were there any issue with the record?
Thanks a lot!