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Pls share your success stories personally

Discussion in 'EB5 - Investment-based green card' started by nsaiisasidhar, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. nsaiisasidhar

    nsaiisasidhar New Member

    Hi, can someone please share their personal success stories on making EB5 investment. I want to know the agency who applied and got your green card approved, how you did research on choosing an EB5 project, which regional center you chose.

    Please share the details personally to xxxxxxxxx
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  2. Sami Ghanem

    Sami Ghanem New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I recently got my EB5 approved by my immigration consultants Royal Migration royalmigration.com . I have been researching it for 2 years almost. I got it done through their affliates at a regional center in Florida. It is the 500k scheme. Things went smoother than i thought and quite timely. There is alot of details to list here but we can start shooting questions and i can be able to help for guidance.

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