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I need some advice from people of this forums..pls help if u can

I am single & filed my 485 in Dec 2001 though I knew I should wait. As the job mkt was very bad in Nov-Dec and there was a hidden fear of getting laid off I filed 485 & my Notice Date was Dec 31st 2001.

To my surprise my case moved fast. Got my EAD within 2 months & got my FP notice too. My Finger Printing (FP) was due on may 28th which I got reschduled to buy some more time. INS gave me a 2.5 mths extension which is getting over on aug 15th. Now the problem is that still I/ and parents dont have a girl in mind for me till now & the time is running..i am wondering how can i get my FP delayed now further. will they give me a 2nd extension if i ask for it. Does anybody knows that there is another extension possible & if YES how to go about it...

Another thing i want to know is ...Lets say I go for FP on Aug 15th will the 485 will get approved as soon as i give me FP as i have come to know that both FP & 485 are independent process. The INS just checks from FBI whether the FP has come or not... If i give my FP on Aug 15th how soon should the approval come...any ideas ???

other wise worst to worst i am willing to get my 485 cancelled and i am ready for it but what are the implications.

do u or anybody have an idea about this..pls help if u cann..i will REALLY appreciate it..




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Don't cancel the FP appointment

If it was me I would not cancel the FP appointment. The I-485 is not approved at the time of fingerprinting. In fact it can easily be another year between fingerprinting and interview.

I don't know how the INS will look at an attempt of getting another extension for the FP, but I would guess you would raise a couple of red flags as to why you're doing it and might be questioned about it at the interview.

Maybe it would be an idea to get a one-time consult with an immigration lawyer who knows the servicecenter/office you're dealing with and what would be best to do in your situation.