Please Vote for the DREAM ACT.

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Screw them.

Legals first. It would be insulting for the members of the forum who went out of their way to assure their legal status to support something as harebrained as that. If anything, it would clog the system and slow down processing of the current pending adjustment/citizenship cases., when every case receives a decision within 90 days of submission, we can revisit the topic.


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It will only bring more illegals to this country once they see that they get benefits so easily! Just walk in and here is it all for you on a gold plate!


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I will never forget

It was thanks to illegal aliens - and obviously primarily the scum of politicians and greed businessmen who support them - that I nearly compromised my career beyound repair. I will never forget that I got stuck in a lame employer for 6 years waiting for a greencard just because the Clinton Administration approved a damn amnesty i245 just before he took office. Once I got the freedom to work wherever I wanted, my career took off rapidly. Those damn illegals should pay for that. Cue1Nine, I want you and the rest of illegal aliens to go back to the place where you came from and apply like I did. If you are not qualified, do like the rest of us;get a loan, go to engineering school or other and then get a qualification. If your parents brought you here when you were young, same way your parents were able to come here and adapt and learn the language so can you when you go back. No excuses.

Passing this Dream Act Amnesty is just a great reward and incentive for illegals to come here.

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the top ten ideas will be presented to the obama administration before he takes office.