Please let me know about porting 140


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Hi guys,

My priority date is October 2004 EB3(140 approved). As you know Eb3 is not moving, I am trying to port 140 to EB2 to a different company.

Is this going to be risky ?
Is my GC application becomes complicated with this?
How much time it will take for the proting process?
Do I need to port after 140 approved for EB2?
what happens if porting fails? is my EB3 application still stays there?

I already filed my 485 application in october 2007. After that I get married. And i want to file my wifes 485 but the dates are not current. Is my 485 is going to be approved with out filing my wifes 485 when dates becomes current?

If i send my wife 485 application immediately... is my wife's application will considered on the day they recieved application Or receipt date the give?
Is there any chance that... once dates become current and I got GC and her application is deinied because recipt no is not given yet?

Lot of questions..

Please help me...

Plz let me know ..
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