Please help.

So I submitted my i130 for my mom on Nov. And I just recieved a email yesterday that my case it's in the nvc and now I log in in the case number and invoice number they said and I paid the fees in there and I'm just waiting for them to process my fee so I can start on step 4. I just want to know what to do because i am a stay at home mom for almost a year now and I'm planning to put my husband as a sponsor, so should I file i864 too and my husband will file i864 also? And one more thing his tax return for the past 3 years doesnt meet the minimun in the uscis site but now he is making more than the minimun but it doesnt say in his w2. What can we do before we start doing it? And can you please guide me what do I need to do step by step lol. I'm really trying to understand everything but its complicated for me. Thankyou in advance and sorry for my grammar


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You file I-864 as petitioner. Your husband files I-864A as your "household member". His income will be listed under Person 1 (I-864 Part 6 #8-10) on your I-864, and his income will add with your income to make your household income. He should include the last several months' pay stubs and, if possible, an employer letter, to prove his current income.