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Please help!

Discussion in 'K Visa and Related Issues at the Consulates' started by njust, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. njust

    njust New Member

    hi everyone - this is my first post so i apologise if i have done so in the wrong section...

    im in a bit of a state of panic - ill try to be brief.

    i received an email with my final visa interview for my K1 fiance visa on thursday. the scheduled date is for this tuesday at the sydney consulate.
    i was instructed to pay the fees for the visa so i could schedule my interview which confused me because i had already been sent an email with the date and time which i confirmed before even proceeding to the payment of fees.

    i then proceeded to create a profile and followed the steps to the payment options. i chose to pay via credit card. the fee was $240USD for each of us.
    i received a message saying this was successful which included a UID for myself and 2 children.
    i also received a transaction number.

    my profile says i need to enter a MRV number but i do not have one since i payed via credit card.

    my profile is also showing no appointments scheduled yet i have one confirmed for tuesday.

    i need to book flights to the consulate from where i live and i have only 1 business day left before the interview day!

    my questions are -

    what is the MRV number? is it something i only needed if i paid in person?

    do i need to pay an additional fee on top of the K1 visa fee to get it?

    i phoned the contact us number but since they wont give case specific info the woman told me that i should attend on tuesday and bring the printed receipts and and transaction info but she didnt seem certain of what i was concerned about nor if i should be concerned.

    any help would be much appreciated - talk about short notice!

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