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Scenario: I applied for asylum in 94, and consequently applied and got an EAD card. What was my status while my asylum case was pending. Because the 1996 Laws says if "out of status over 180 days after April 1, 1997", you will be banned from the US. My EAD based on asylum expired in Feb. 1999. I eventually withdrew the case in 1998 because I got a H1B. Now I want to travel out of country on Advance Parole, but am afraid. I have talked with couple of lawyers and gotten conflicting advise. One said I will be banned due to the 1996 laws and the other said it should be no problem for me to travel on advance parole.
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Thanks Gilbert

You have been a great help!!!

One more thing....You seem very familiar on this subject:
So, do you advise I travel on my AP.
If you have further questions regarding my case, feel free to ask away.


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Where from??

Thanks for posting such an informative message.
Would you be kind enough to let us know where are you quoting this from?? Could you direct us to the appropriate website, perhaps?

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It is from a restricted site

As you may know by reading my previous messages, I am working at a law office. I culled the memo from a site restricted to lawyers who pay a subscription fee. The memo was written in 1999 by the top INS attorney. You might find it yourself by searching the Internet a bit.