Please help with relative adoption!!


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We are desperate for help with our adoption situation with our nephew. He is turning 16 in November. My husband is a green card holder and I am a US citizen. I fear that our lawyer has misadvised us.
The parents are still living and from what I am re ading on the Internet, the government does not approve relative adoptions very often. They are not destitute by any means. There is an abuse situation with the father however there is not much documentation of this, only a few therapist visits. The child has runaway once , had issues with eating, trouble at school, etc. The Mom has been suicidal at one time, I’m afraid she will be again if this adoption is a no go. Divorce is frowned upon in India, so she feels very stuck and just wants to get her son away from there. She has one other son but he is doing alright for now.
We have already invested considerable money in the lawyer, the I800A and the homestudy. I don’t want to spend a lot more money just to have it rejected in the end. Our lawyer doesn’t seem to know anything . I have read that we need a agency certified to work with CARA and have spoken briefly to someone and now waiting for them to get back to me and I am impatient with so much on the line.

Can anyone help us?


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This situation you describe is a total wasted effort. Such an adoption is not allowed under the laws of India and will not qualify for an I-800 or I-600 as he is not an orphan. An I-130 would also fail. Report the lawyer to the bar association and if an immigration lawyer to the BIA on form EOIR-44.