Please Help Folks .... Urgent

Mohammed Yakoob

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Please Help Folks .... Urgent
Posting for a friend .. Please reply ..

I need your openion about something. My parents are US citizan. They applied for my green card in 1995, at that time I was unmaried. In 1998 I became maried. However we did not file for change of status. I have been working here on H1 visa form 1998 to 2002.

My H1 expired on April 2002. I receieved EAD card on the bassis of green card pition. I did not renew it because I had EAD. Yesterday my application for green card was denied in an interview. My EAD expires on 5 August. Can I apply for H1. What will be the process now. My H1 expired 3 months ago (in April 2002). From April 2002 'till now I was on EAD.

What are his options now ...

1) Stay in US and apply for H1. If he does so, how's his chances for approval.

2) His lawyers are suggesting him he goes to Pakistan and apply it from there ( which i think is a risky one .. ) ???

3) Can he reopen his case back .. .

Please reply folks ..

Thanks in advance .. .