Please, everyone who got SSN automatically, let me know

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  1. Akram S saga

    Akram S saga New Member

    hello everybody in the forum, i wish everyone a good health
    Dear Maddam/Sir(s)
    I need to aprove something, the thing is, I have answered "yes" to the Social Secuirty Number to be issued in my DS-260 case, and as i read from social secuirty administration website, my SSN card will be Sent to to my mailing address automatically after 3 weeks of my arrival, without filling any Special Application or going to SSA office myself,
    but after 2 weeks, one of my friends asked me to go to SSA office in our local erea to fill SSN Application because he didn't believe that the SSN will be Created and Mailed automatically, and when we arrived at SSA office, they checked my name and told me "you are not in the System"
    and then i filled an application there for my SSN to be issued,
    Now, my problem is, i want to make sure if that automatic process exist or not, so, i ask everyone who requested SSN issuance in her/his DS-260 case and got it in her/his mailing address automatically and without Calling, filling special application or going to SSA office, i ask you please to let me know it in reply, and it will be great if you tell about your country and the date,
    i apologize, this thread may be useless for general peoples, but it's so important for me and i didn't know where to ask better than here, and i promise when i get my answers, i myself ask moderators to delete this thread
    thank you

    to be more clear, i mean these questions exactly
  2. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    It arrives for most people - it did for me and all my family. Occasionally something goes wrong and it doesn’t arrive, like yours.
    Country of origin of the immigrant is totally irrelevant.
  3. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    I already answered on my blog, exactly as Susie did here. It's a simple matter, there is no point to this, and there is no need for YOU to prove this or not.
  4. Akram S saga

    Akram S saga New Member

    thank you Susie, thank you britsimon, So much
    I'm already know my question is so stupied, but i did this because of my friend, he was at the point of certain that he said "I will give you 100,000 dollar if that is true, everyone must go to social security office to get her/his SSN to be issued"
    So, forgive me for wasting your time.

    I'm still waiting for the others to write a comment here...
  5. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Maybe your friend did AOS. For people who did AOS it is true that you need to go into the SS office. For people coming in with an immigrant visa it’s not true. Anyway you have enough to disprove “everyone” already. As Simon said, kind of pointless.

    99% of forum people don’t come back here once they have their visa so, most of the people reading your post haven’t even had their interview yet much less can answer...but good luck waiting
  6. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    @Akram S saga

    Corroborating what Simon and Susie already said. Vast majority receive the SSN without having to visit the SSA office once the indicate on their DS260 they wish for it to be created. A few, like yourself do not receive it in spite of the selection though, so they still have to go in and make the request in person.

    A side question: how did your friend come into the US and what’s his current status?
  7. Akram S saga

    Akram S saga New Member

    Dear @SusieQQQ
    thanks for the reply, my friend was came here by support of his wife in year 2000, his problem is, he think it must be like that time, of course there wasn't DS-230 and DS-260 that time,
    and, you right most of immigrants don't visit this forum after they complete their case, but may be someone still remaining :D

    Dear @Sm1smom , thanks for the reply
    as i said above, he came here in 2000 and his status was different, he is now a citizen
  8. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Ok, one more time: you already have what you need to disprove your friend. He says everyone, we’ve already shown it’s not. Why, exactly, are you wasting your time? (Come to think of it, why am I wasting mine engaging with you further on this....)

    I’d be interested (theoretically, not really) to know what he thinks about me and my family that we must be SO special that we are the only people ever in the history of immigration to the US to get SSNs directly mailed. :rolleyes:
  9. Akram S saga

    Akram S saga New Member

    that's completely true, thank you, your Reply did enough for me, after few days, i check back and i tell moderators to delete this post,
    and of course maddam @SusieQQQ , you are Special, because you are not from that %99 percent of immigrants who don't comeback to this forum after they get their Visa, So, you from %1 percent
    there is why they mailed SSN automaticaĺly to you :D
    without kidding, you and your friends in this forum did a lot for people that having problems that you suffered of before, So i respect what you are doing
    Best regards
  10. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    I like your explanation :D:D:D
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