Please!!! desparately need advice


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My friend\'s (who is a US citizen), brought his paraents here on B visa. They subsequently filed I-130 through a lawyer and are waiting for approval. However, the lawyer did not file I-485. Now my friend\'s parents are worried that their B visa will run out in July and have little hope for exstension due to policy change. Can my friend\'s parents submit I-485 without waiting for the approval of I-130? If yes, shoudl they file I-485 to the same service center where I-130 has been filed? Would deeply appreciate your advice.

My friend\'s parents are desparate. cause\' they sold all their property before coming here and may not be bale to find a suitable place to live if they go back now and wait for approval and consular processing.


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They can file I485 now

They can file there I485 with the I130. If they didn\'t do it. Don\'t waste the time and apply for the I485. Once there application is received in INS, they will be okay. One of my friend he was also in the same situation. He filed I130 before and now he filed I485. His parents I130 is still pending.


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they may file I-485 with local district office

they may file I-485 with the local district office to receive status of "pending permanent resident applicant." they may also simultaneously file I-765 for employment authorization if they wish to legally work in the US. Include a copy of the I-130 receipt notice (and approval notice if already approved), so the local office may obtain it from the service center. results in a little faster processing to have copies of the receipt/approval notices in the file. they could have filed I-130 & I-485 simultaneously in the local district office.


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Have a question on filing 485 for parents

Hi All,
   Does it make sense to file 485 or Consular processing in India? What proof does one need to provide to sponsor them? What if u r unemployed now?