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Please critique profile for EB1b

Discussion in 'National Interest Waiver and EB1' started by Sid1753, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Sid1753

    Sid1753 New Member

    After considerable deliberation, I have decided to apply for my green card. I work as a senior scientist in a reputed chemical firm with close to 15,000 employees. I have a PhD in quantum chemistry from one of the top schools in the USA and make a six figure salary. The specifics of my application are as follows:

    1) 7 years of work experience - 4 years in academia (researcher during Phd) and 3 years in industry post PhD
    2) 6 journal articles published, 2 in the process of submission, one article tagged as most cited article of 2015 in its corresponding journal
    3) Approximately 100 citations - mostly in China and Europe
    4) 7 invited talks in conferences with 2 travel awards
    5) 5 journal article reviews - 3 papers from Europe, 1 from China and 1 from USA

    My lawyer requested all the information provided above and is of the opinion we can proceed with the filing. I mentioned that I can provide several recommendation letters, mostly from senior level executives and big professors from EU and China and a CEO level recommendation from the USA. The legal team did not give me a solid answer if I needed to contact the references from these people.

    I am looking for some feedback on the strength of my petition. Are the credentials solid enough to meet the EB1B criteria? Do you think I can proceed without providing any recommendation letters?

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