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i have a question if anyone could answer.according to jan 10 visa bulliten my priority date is current (and so far as i understand every other formality is complete) and as they mentioned in their email the only requirement is visa now, question is i want to take along a lawyer to DC office should i do it right now or wait for jan (cause its jan bulliten)....please advice.
Need Advice,
I had applied for VAWA i360 which was approved on Dec 15' 2014.
i485 was transferred to another USCIS office.
No update since,

My Lawyer received a letter today saying my case has been denied as i did not appear for Interview.
I never received any letter more over the letter says they sent the Interview letter to an address which does not belong to me or i never lived on that address.
I do not have work permit since april...Please advice what needs to be done or if any one went thru this kind of situation....many thnx