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Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by ArriB, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. ArriB

    ArriB New Member

    Hi all,
    My wife and I are going to enter seperately to increase our chances of winning.
    One question I have, is do I/we only submit one photo on the application or do we have to submit photos of all the applicants during the filling of the form process, which in this case would be myself/wife and our 2 kids (5 and 10) years old.

    Secondly, I understand the size of the photos but do they need to be taken in front of a pitch white wall? The reason I ask is that our walls at home are not exactly pitch white (I know it's a silly question), but don't want to get the process wrong the first time round..

    I've included a sample pic but am not sure if this would acceptable (I'll trim to the required size of course when we enter) and adjust the size of it as well. I personally think the light is a little dark and was taken on my Iphone (Not sure if that is good enough) but will use my DSLR if necessary.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

    * I removed my photo after I posted it for security reason, I apologize.
    If one of the mods in this forum can get hold me, I will send to them if they don't mind.

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  2. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

  3. ArriB

    ArriB New Member

    Thank you for the answer, I see their site is still down for maintenance.
    Does this mean they will extend the lottery as its been unavailable for the past few days?
  4. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    "past few days" - no.
    Will they extend - we don't know.
  5. Mike25

    Mike25 New Member

    Might be a dumb question, but the entry requirements say the photo should be a JPEG file, I had my photo redied and it is a JPG. Is there any difference?
  6. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    Just the E.

    Apart from that - no difference.
  7. Mike25

    Mike25 New Member

    Thanks Brit.
  8. sandramalama

    sandramalama New Member

    Hello, can you check my bf-s photo if its good for the application? We took it ourselves as he was lazy to go get it done :D
  9. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    I deleted the photo. Don't post that on a public forum.

    Use the official photo tool to check your photo.
  10. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator


    I've deleted your post with the picture attached - use the official photo validator tool like Simon earlier advised.
  11. d_andrei

    d_andrei New Member

    I have a few relatives taken a photo at the professional photo studio in their home countries specifically for the US visa standards. However, when I check it with the travel.gov photo check tool it keeps saying to resize it, even though the head is withing the border lines and all pixels are correct. Does it mean these photos will be disqualified?
  12. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    Having the photo take by a professional photographer doesn't mean the picture automatically meets the requirements. If the official photo tool says the photo is too large/big, then resize as suggested.

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