Philippines to phase out migration of domestic workers


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The Philippine government plans to stop the migration of domestic workers overseas in a bid to protect its people from abuses, UAE daily The National reported on Monday.
The move, which aims to provide alternative employment in the Philippines and other approved countries, is likely to affect about 180 nations.

Of the 96,583 Filipinos who went abroad to work as domestic staff in 2010, more than half migrated to Arabian Gulf states, the report added.

Hong Kong received the most with 28,602, but Kuwait was the second highest destination with 21,554, the UAE with 13,184, Saudi Arabia 11,582 and Qatar 9,937, according to The National.

The report did not disclose which countries would be targeted in the five-year phase-out plan, which is likely to ready by the end of the year.

The UAE chapter of the migrant rights group Migrante has welcomed the move, adding that it felt the five-year period was ‘long overdue’.

Karen Tanedo, the group’s chairperson, told The National: “The procedures should be laid down properly to the HSWs [home service workers] who will be directly affected.”

“Plans must be disclosed to answer the real root cause of the programme, which is poverty.”

But not everyone approves of the plan. Lito Soriano, chief executive of LBS Recruitment Solutions in Manila, said many Filipino women were left with no choice but to find work overseas in order to feed their families.

“It will not work,” he said. “Filipinos will still leave the country and will be among those who are undocumented or did not go through the overseas employment administration.”

The Philippines would not be the first country to make such a move.

In 2011 Indonesia stopped the migration of domestic workers to Saudi Arabia after the execution of Indonesian maid Ruyati binti Sapubi, who stabbed her employer to death after years of abuse.

(yahoo news)
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