Petitioner's Proof of Domicile- IR1

I had the interview at the US Embassy in Pakistan, the consular asked me when you wife came to Pakistan. I said in 2016 and since then she has been living here. The Consular demanded to send/upload Petitioner’s Proof of Domicile and at the end of the interview I was given two slips (1) White Slip and (2) Yellow Slip.

I uploaded and sent the copy of voting record, a letter to perform jury service, state ID and Social Security Card.
Will these documents be enough to show Proof of Domicile? If — they still demand some more things what should I do? How much time will this take to be completed?

I have attached the white slip that was given to me at the end of the interview, I saw many suchlike white slips of others and everyone's was ticked any of the above four boxes, but mine was ticked none. Is this a good sign or still same which does not matter?