Petition -again- for a daughter

My wife and I initiated 12 years ago a petition for her two children
(now adults), one boy, one girl living in Dominican Republic. We were
benefited with Bill Clinton's Immigration family reunification plan.
The boy is now a man, in US Marines, the girl decided to continue in
college there and only came as visitor.

My wife, me, my stepson and two children of both parents are all US

But the girl, now 25, wants to come as Visitor and obtain the US

It is possible to receive any benefit from the past documents or do we
have to start all over again?
We plan then to start the new petition but also ask for a visitor visa so she could come to visit us.
Would that be appropriate?


Super Moderator
Yes you can do that. She’ll get the visitor’s visa IF she’s able to demonstrate a strong tie to her home country. The CO will need to be convinced she has no plans of entering the US and staying put, they will need to be convinced she has genuine plan of returning home when her granted stay is over.
Last question: I am receiving SS pension, my wife does not work, so for the new petition, we are planning to use an affidavit of support from our son who is a US Marine, he has a good steady job and a good salary.

What would be better to do the petition: Our son (her brother) or us?


Super Moderator
You the parents (with the brother as a co-sponsor) are better off petitioning for her. The brother can also file a separate petition for her (in addition to yours), one is allowed to have more than one petition in the system at the same time.

However I hope you’re aware she’s in for a long wait though. Assuming she’s unmarried, the current processing time based on you the parents filing is 7 years (assuming you’re not from Mexico or Philippines), if she’s married current Processing time is 12 years. Based on the brother filing, current processing time is 14 years.