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person in H4 visa can own business ?

Discussion in 'Just Arrived in USA - Help Each Other' started by velushiva, May 29, 2002.

  1. velushiva

    velushiva New Member

      I am in H1B visa and my wife came last March in H4 visa. She is having very good experience in Shipping industry, now she wants to start a bussiness here. Isit possible for a H4 visa holder to start a business here ? If possible means whom should I contact ?
  2. Nsingh

    Nsingh New Member

    No Title

    new comers should be very careful in this country.
    this is a country of cheaters specially the servive industry like Telephone/Car etc etc
    visit http://www.path2usa.com or similer website, do some research b4 making any deals.
    good luck.
  3. GY123

    GY123 Registered Users (C)

    Not possible for now

    It is illegal to earn/work while on H4.

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