PERM Registration, no response yet, no PIN..


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My employer registered on the PERM website, but he has not yet received PIN number or any email from DOL after 6 weeks. He sent an email to follow up, but no response so far. He tried to reach them by phone, he couldn't.

Could you guys help me, any suggestion, or tell me what's the problem and what should he do?


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Hi Guys,
Please someone help me, I'm new in this forum.
Any suggestion or help about this online registration. My employer registered on the PERM website on September 4th, 2010, still no email from them. He sent an email to follow up, but no response so far.
What's the problem? What should he do?
Hello. How did this end up for all of you? How long did it take to receive the email from DOL with the username, password and PIN? I am having the same situation and it has been 3 weeks already since the registration was made on the website.

This is a problem that recently is becoming more frequent. The issue is that there is a delay processing some account registrations and in some cases, a denial of registration for not responding the Business Verification will arrive before the delayed Business Verification request arrives.

What I would do (without providing legal advice) is, if I waited for two weeks and have not received and answer, I will send the DOL an email where I request to expedite the registration and include proof of business entity, proof of location, and proof of FEIN.

I hope my reply is of good use to you.

Enrique Ferrer Benites