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I have a friend who is owner of a company willing to initiate the PERM process even though currently I am not employed by his organization..... lets say I currently work with Organization A and my perm is through Organization B, at what point do I have to be employed with the organization that has done my PERM process to avoid any complications....will I be able be able to go to Organization C, taking my approved PERM and i-140 without ever working for Organization B

I am an asian Indian born Canadian citizen currently working on TN in the US. H1B lottery has been a challenge for me and so plan to be on TN status till I get to the i-485 stage unless my H1B app gets picked up in the next few years.........

Any suggestions or direction based on recent 2-3 years experience would be helpful..........
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You don't need to be employed by employer B as long as employer B has enough net income or net current assets greater than I-140 proffered wages, your I-140 will be approved. Keep in mind net income and or net current assets greater than I-140 proffered wages should be continuing with the employer until I-485 gets approved OR you can utilize AC21 portability provisions to switch to different employer if I-485 remains pending more than 180 days of its filing.
Keep in mind your I-485 is still chargeable to India even though you are Canadian citizen. At this time it is very long wait for EB2 or EB3.
I'm hoping to join before they file i-140....... I hope that works for the i-140 approval....

I understand the timelines are long for Indian born.... just trying to do the best I can...