PERM got denied as employer has not responded to servery questionnaire


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My PERM got denied last week and the reasons that the DOL specified are:

1. The employer's sponsorship of the foreign worker could not be verified. Specifically, attempts to contact the employer's listed contact XXXX at email address via email on such and such date were not successful.

2. The foreign worker does not meet the employer’s requirements.

First reason is understandable as I know employer has failed to respond to the email and we have submitted all the relevant experience evidences, but not sure about the second reason!
I am guessing as reason 1 was the lead to the 2nd.

My employer is ready to go for request for reconsideration.
Kindly suggest is it good to go for reconsideration or have to refile it?

Whats the chances of approval? thanks in advance.