Perm Approved - Please Help! Gurus


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Hi Gurus,

I am in a weird situation. Company A filed Labor back in Aug '03 in TR. I am on 9th year H1 extension. I changed my job to Company B in Jan '07. Company A promised to continue my GC Process.

Using the already filed Labor (by Comany A) which is pending with BRC, Company B filed my H1 extension and I got approved.

Company B filed PERM last month and it got approved. I am preparing to file I-140 and I-485 some time next week. I am also applying another H1 extension with Company B which is expiring in Jan '08.

I got letter from BRC yesterday asking about Newspaper ad to be started by next week, this is for the BRC pending case with Company A.

My questions are.

1. Do I need to continue the process with Company A?
2. If I don't continue the process with Company A, what will happen to my H1 extension?
3. Is there any scenario which will jeopardise the processing with Company B?

Thank You in advance for any input.