Perm appeal denied

My PERM appeal has been denied and my lawyer is going to make another appeal. While waiting on this new appeal, can I consult with another lawyer who on the basis that my current lawyer may have made a mistake negotiate with the Department of Labor for a reconsideration of the denial? Or is it just wise for my lawyer who represents me and my sponsor to admit to the mistake with the Department of Labor? Thank you.


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Its needs to be analyzed who has committed the mistake either DOL or from attorney's side. If its DOL then appealing & bringing to DOL's attention probably they will overturn it. If it is from attorney's side & it is harmful then it is better to re-start PERM process. Keep in mind new PERM process cannot be started if previous application is in appeal stage for same individual.


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Is this denial a continuation of the June, 2018 topic discussed previously? If so, what has transpired the past 12 or so months?

There was a suggestion back then if the appeal were denied then there might not be another alternative to leaving the US. It's stated here.