Pending Medical Bill issues - Does DHS care about those?


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During dad's visit to California 2 years ago, he was hospitalized for a day. Insurance paid part of the bill and there is still an outstanding amount, which is still under dispute between my dad-hospital-insurance company.

I'd like to get my dad for another visit, but I wasnt sure if he will get turned away at the port of entry because of this issue.

My question is: does dept of homeland security folks at the port of entry care about these kind of issues? whats the likelihood of my dad getting questioned about the issue & worst case turned away from entering the US.

Any pointers will be appreciated.


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These are civil matters that would be handled either in the county or state courts (if it even got to that level).

USCIS is looking for people that generally have committed some sort of felony (Criminal) that is violent or like that in nature. Even at that, if it was committed at the county level, it might not show up.