Pending GC affect on degree


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My GC is pending since oct 2005, EB2 India. It was current during sept -oct 2008 but did not get processed. Tried contacting nebraska , congressman, infopass, national cust service as usual etc but nothing helped. All background checks are complete.,

I am unable to apply for a degree completion course and the Univ. is NOT ready to waive the GC requirement. I was told to look for education law attorney - however even they don't deal with this issue.
So if i dont get the GC by sept 1st, I will be stuck without a degree all my life, this is last year the program will be available.

working for the community hospital for 4 plus years hasn't helped at all.
can anyone think or suggest something.


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delay in green card affects College graduation.

This is a big problem recently with many other AOS families who have been waiting for years for their green card and have dependants attending collegefor the past 3 years. In fact my daughter who is at Chicago State University is having the same problem. USIS need to know that the long delays in processing approved 1-485 do have implications for families who are waiting for visas to be available. I have had discussions with the university and they too are unclear as to what happens next. they have no guide lines from uscis on how to deal with this problem. My suggestion is that all the affected persons write their senators. uscis is reactive and not proactive so we must make them aware of this problem.