PCC from USA for PR in CANADA


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Hi. I have lived in USA for 18months on H1 visa. Now i am in india. i want to apply for Canadian PR but they want PCC from usa because i have lived there for more than 6 months.Now how to get PCC from USA as im not physicaly there. Thanks


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Most of the Police record checks conducted in US are thru FP in which ever county you lived in, but there are some that do it through name, social and DOB.
Call the county's police department were you were living, ask them you want a record check, you might have to send them a money order or a Amex traveller check for fee, send them a prepaid self addressed envelope to send it back to you.
They might want you to send your old DL copy with the request form.
If they are nice enough (Quite Possible) they might email you the request form or a friend or somebody will have to pick it up from there and fax it to you. I doubt they will fax you the request form thru fax because of a international call being involved.
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