paystubs, W2's+tax returns for GC (Labor,I-140,I-485)


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I will be highly grateful if you could please help me with the following Immigration related question.

For any of the three stages (Labor, I-140 and I-485) of the Green Card,
1)Are we be required to provide paystubs, W2's and tax returns since the first time we came to the US on a work visa.
2)would there be any specific timeframe we need to provide these documents (i.e. 'X' months before starting the I-485 stage).
3)Lastly, I have also heard from a few associates that we have to provide the above documents from the date we had last entered the US. Is this correct?

Could you please shed light on which of the above statements are accurate.

Thanks a lot for your assistance in this regard.


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You will get better response on the forum for the processes you are asking about, which has nothing to do with TN. That is how this forum is designed.