Paystubs, W2's and Tax returns for I-485


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I will be highly grateful if you could please help me with the following Immigration related question.

For the I-485 stage of the Green Card,
1)Are we be required to provide paystubs, W2's and tax returns since the first time we came to the US on a work visa.
2)would there be any specific timeframe we need to provide these documents (i.e. 'X' months before starting the I-485 stage).
3)Lastly, I have also heard from a few associates that we have to provide the above documents from the date we had last entered the US. Is this correct?

Could you please shed light on which of the above statements are accurate.

Also, could you please confirm whether the above documents would also be required for the labor and I-140 stages.

Thanks a lot for your assistance in this regard.


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The last 3 or 4 months of paystubs, latest W2 and tax return should normally be sufficient.

Note that for an employment-based I-485 you aren't required to be employed in the GC-sponsored job before the I-485 or while the I-485 is pending, so technically those documents aren't strictly required, although it's advisable to include them if you are actually employed in the sponsored job.


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Hi Jackolantern,
Thanks for your prompt reply. So,do you mean that if I'm currently employed in the GC-sponsoring company, it is advisable to provide the paystubs, W2 and tax returns since I first came to the US (in my case Jan 2007). Or, were you referring to the 3-4 months of documents.
What are your thoughts on point #3 from my previous post.
Thanks a lot!


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Thanks TheRealCanadian, would the "proof of legal status" include I-94's, I-797A's, visas, paystubs, W2's and tax returns all pertaining to the period from the last entry to the US through the point of time when I-485 is filed. Thanks


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Generally you don't have to provide paystubs for every month going all the way back to your last entry, unless specifically requested by USCIS (or your last entry was recent). Usually they don't ask for that much detail unless you changed employers or changed status (e.g. from F-1 to H1B) since your last entry, or there is some other reason for them to think may have been out of status at some point.

Send a copy of your I-94, the identifying pages of your passport and the page with the visa you used to enter the US, and order tax transcripts from the IRS for the years since your last entry. That plus 3 or 4 months of paystubs and an employment letter should be good enough.