Pay Check run during off period for green card ?


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Hi All,
I am on H1 B. I am applying for I-140. I have a question regarding pay check/salary. I work on contract bases at client sites. My current assignment with client is going to end in Dec. I am planning to visit India and spend time there for 2 -3 months.

During the period when I am in India, my paycheck will not be run. Is it fine for green card processing,if there are few gaps in the pay run.

Also when I come back it may take some time for me to search for jobs. May be 1-2 month at max. During this time also my pay check will not run. So all together, I may be without pay check run/salary for 4-5 months.

Will this effect my green card processing?. Please throught some light on this issue.

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While staying outside of the U.S. it is not necessary to furish paychecks for that period. However, you should be paid as soon as you land in the U.S.