Passports for paperwork


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Hi everyone,
I am going to send my first TN renewal in mail,should I have to sent my original copy of FIS evaluation and me and my spouse's original Passports alongwith other forms also how can I send application fees (I mean two diffrent checks for me and my wife???)how long is the premium processing time these days? and how long is the regular processing time as my TN expires on 7/3/08 is that OK to go for normal?
Thanks to everyone in advance.


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Under no circumstances do you send ANY original documantation to CIS -- other than your TN letter and the i-129 form -- least of which your passport!

A copy of any document is sufficient.

This is a govt bureaucracy. You can not entrust them with being able to handle your precious documants securely.

Since all that is required for timely submission of I-129 is that it be done before expiry, it doesn't matter if it is processed after your TN expires (you have 240 day grace period). So, save the $1000.