passport problem!!!


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Hi so my wife sent her passport to her birth country for renewal and they contacted us that they are holding the passport because its been expired for awhile and she hasn't left the US yet for almost 8 years. they said they needed a letter from immigration proving that she is not a US citizen. We are doing her papers right now but we need her passport/ what documents are they talking about or we can show to show she is not a citizen here in the US. by the way Im the one holding a US citizenship. Help please..


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Well, the I-94 of her current status or the receipt of her pending application would be proof that she is not a citizen, but that's assuming that they know what those things are.


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They do but they need a letter from immigration stating my wife is not a US citizen. I'm just trying here incase there's someone who has gone through this and what they did so I can be sure what to expect and what documents I needed exactly. Thanks for the suggestion.


I remember a friend of mine used to go through this every time they needed to renew their Malaysian passport. The had to pay for the government to do a Search Letter from the Immigration Citizenship Department confirming that you have not acquired US Citizenship . It took a long time and was an extra cost every time to renew, so eventually she gave up Malaysian citizenship.