Passport delivered without visa stamped no slips

Discussion in 'B Visa Issues at the Consulate' started by Hpor, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Hpor

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    My uncle went for interview in feb 27, 2017. Consular kept his passport, told him he will issue visa and safe travels.

    He please picked up his passport yesterday and there was no visa on it. There was not letter or anything with the passport. When I try to Check status with his application is it says "Your search did not return any data."

    Not sure what to do in this situation. Anyone had this happen. We sent an email to New Delhi embassy but haven't heard anything from them.
  2. 1AurCitizen

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    Embassies takes 24-48 hrs responding to emails. Need to be a bit patient.

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