Parents with green card been outside US for more than one year due to covid , re-entry ?


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1. parents got green card and came in Nov 2019 , stayed almost three months , left in Jan 2020 to India , with the intent to return in couple of months, thats why did not apply for re-entry permit.
2.Covid hit, both in 75-80 range one with triple bypass, did not risk coming back , when India better, US bad and now when US better , India bad, so now ( hopefully) once India better , will attempt to return to US.
3.i file their taxes regularly here, whats the most likely scenario ? at the portal of entry, will they be let in with warning ? should i pre-emptively do something, file SB-1 , they say the approval chance is very low ? , best chance is to just try entrying back , would hiring an immigration lawyer be helpful, if so how ?