Parents B2 visa got approved in interview but later went into administrative processing


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I stay in USA with my husband and were planning to call my parents to visit us for few weeks. Therefore, they applied for B2 visa.

Below are the events in chronological order:
March 31, 2019: My parents appeared for biometric (VAC)
April 1, 2019: They appeared for the interview at Delhi consulate, was told that Visa has been approved and the passports were kept. My mother passport with stamped visa was received within 3 days.
April 9, 2019: My father got the email from "" asking to fill attached DS5535 form in order to continue the processing of Visa application.
April 9, 2019: I replied with filled DS5535 from same email ID.
April 10, 2019: My father got his unstamped passport through mail along with same DS5535 letter just like email.
April 12, 2019: I again replied with filled DS5535 from same email ID.

We waited for 60 days but the case was still in Administrative Processing, so on June 15, 2019 I raised a query on the, below is the response from them:
"We understand that you would like to know your visa application status.
In response to your question, our records indicate that, the visa application is under processing at the Embassy/Consulate. When additional administrative processing is required, the length of processing time will vary based on the circumstances of each case hence it cannot be expedited.
Please be assured that, once the processing is completed or if the Embassy needs further information, you will be contacted for the same."

Its been more than 90 days but the status is still the same - "Administrative processing". Can someone please suggest whom can we contact for this and how much will it take more?


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No-one can tell you exactly how long it will take, but unfortunately if you do an internet search you will see that people asked to fill in DS5535 can take months, sometimes many months, before their AP is completed. There is no-one you can "contact", it is a security-related background check and it takes as long as it takes. As you were already informed, it cannot be expedited.


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Agree fully with Susie above.

Admin processing time cannot be predicted, nor could it ever be expedited. If there were a magic formula to expedite, everyone would be on it.