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Parent’s filed case(F3 category) in US can create any problem for Canadia PR to get US visitor visa?

Discussion in 'Canada - Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Moving ' started by vsshah, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. vsshah

    vsshah Registered Users (C)

    This is for my friend’s son’s proposed visit to USA.

    Person name is: X

    X has Canada PR card for 2 years.
    Currently he owns SUBWAY store and doing good in Canada. He is married and with one child. Everyone is in Canada.

    X’s real sister and parents are US Citizen. They filed his Parent based category (F3) US Green Card 18 months back.

    X and his wife/child want to visit his sister’s Baby Shower (New Jersey) in Feb 2015.

    Question: Will his parent’s filed case (F3 category) can create any problem to get him US visitor visa?

    I appreciate your assistance.

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