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Hello, ok so I was a legal resident alien for 20 years in the state of NJ. throughout my childhood adolescent teenage and young adult life. Like most human beings besides those who are perfect. I made mistakes out of all the bad options I had to choose from, all while being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I was ignorant of my resident alien status. Untill my apprehension at the airport returning home from a short trip to my native country. Immediately placed in a detention hold and jailed. Apparently I was denied entry cause my permission to be readmitted had been suspended for immediate deportation.this was back in 2013. My order for deportation came about a guilty plea I agreed to back in 2006. I had to wave all my rights including trial and chances to defend myself against the fabricated charges. Reverse psychology was used by the prosecuter alongside the public defender. Putting pressure on my decision to plead guilty to the charges. Like an ignorant pawn in the systems game I agreed to the felony charges. Illadvised with no awareness of the immigration repercussion. So I bowed down, went home with fines, 5 years probation, suspended license in exchange for the guilty plea of charges and no mention of immigration or deportation. Fast forward to 2015. Im a clean man paid my dues fines probation a decent individual now boarding a deportation plane after a year of fighting to reopen my criminal case. Criminal court granted me a pcr post conviction relief after everything being tampered and manipulated but still get deported. Immigration denied reopening my case for cancellation of removal stating I took too long than they said I sent the wrong forms than the BIA denied it also the attorney general all denied my rights to defend myself with the same set of rules and protocols they created. Fine! 5 years ban has past and I want to get back to my mother who needs me more than ever. They already made me suffer my dad's death while I've been out here going through he'll by myself and I was his only care taker. my dad sent the affidavits and begging the immigration courts not to deport me cause he needed me while suffering bad health conditions. RIP dad. Sorry I couldn't comfort you or say goodbye. Now I'm in a process of a pardon. I've been working really hard saving the change I've been making out here to get back to my only siblings my MA and SIS. My question is.....if my pardon also gets denied is there any other way I can get back to the states legally?


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