Pakistani to Mexico, we need help plz


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I am mexican woman who\'s engaged to a pakistani man, we really want to be together and get married. He has tried to get visas to different countries but he hasnt succeed :( I cannot go to Pakistan in this moment. We wonder if there\'s a way of getting married from distance and then I can call him to mexico as my husband or if we can get a fiance visa. If anybody can help us, we will really appreciate it, we really need to know how can he reach me from Pakistan, in fact, the nowadays world wide situation has interfered with our plans and he cannot get out from Pakistan very easily :( We just want to be together and start a life. I wish somebody could help here plz. Thanks a lot.


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I would consult an attorney in this matter. Why is he having a hard time getting a visa? Granted that circumstances are a little tough these days, but if everything is in clear, there should not be a problem. "Clear" in the sense that there is nothing wrong with his paperwork.
I don\'t think I would mention anything about marriage to immigration.
My advise would be to consult an immigration attorney in Mexico and he needs to do the same in Pakistan, and take it from there.
Good Luck and keep us posted.


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pakistani to mexico

hi ;
In your case you have only two solutions ,make his invitation from Mexican immigration take the invitation with u to Pakistan get marrige ,go to embassy and bring him with u .
second option go to pakistan get marrige ,bring attested docs of marrige to Mexico register your marrige in Registro civil ,get acta de matrimonio go to immigration ask them for invitation and say to them to send to Pakistan or Iran (he can go to Iran with out any prob ) mean time mex embasssy in pakistan is not working dont know for how long .
..........I dont know why he cannt get visa of any country ....any way good luck .