Pakistan entry question

I am a dual Pakistani citizen... with an expired Pakistani passport and a valid US one and a valid Pakistan National ID Card (CNIC - Not NICOP).

I know I need NICOP for visa free entry to Pakistan but don't have time to get one. I called FIA in Pakistan and they see no issue in entering the country if I have an NIC.

My only concern is whether Airline would let me board the plane with US passport and Pakistan NIC (which is not in English)?

Any advice?



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You do not need to provide airline anything other then a 6 month valid passport. Even TSA will check your name on ticket and name on passport, they will not stop you boarding unless you have your name in exit control list, which i assume is not.

You don't need to visit PK embassy or consulate to apply a NICOP you can get checklist of required paperwork and just mail in your application by regular or register post. Nicop will cost you only ( $25 + $10 shipping fee in total $35 ) = 10 years Visa free entry.

Good luck with FIA, can not trust those guys.


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Hey, I want to know my mom have a valid Pakistani passport and American Green card and SSN, but she lost her Pakistani NIC so can she travel US to Pakistan?
Dear, first she need to registered the complaint of her lost NIC in nearest police station then they'll give a complaint copy and your mother need to show that copy nothing else.