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hello ,
I'm a permanent resident, and i'm going to have a baptize party for my daughter , and I filed I-129 p3 to bring a singer that sings our traditional music , I sent all the documents that they requested on the RFE and the USCIS still denied it , and the most wired thing is that, this singer already had a P3 VISA that expired last month , I sent the copy of his visa too, just to prove that this singer is a unique cultural artist and they approved him in the past , I just needed him for one day , sent him a deposit, and now we do not have a singer a lost our money ...


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It's a pity you sent a deposit before you confirmed a visa could be issued. Unfortunately, visas are never guaranteed even if they have been issued before, and as it is the singer and not you who the visa was being granted for, there could have been a disqualifying factor you were unaware of.

Surely somewhere in this massive nation of immigrants you can find a traditional singer somewhere ...? Even the smallest countries seem to have decent communities here.


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Adding to what Susie said, never ever assume a visa is a given until in (the artist's) hand. Having one previously does not necessarily mean another one would be issued as you unfortunately found out.