Options for Canadian Physician in US after getting married


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I am a US PR (eligible for US citizenship in 2018). My GF is a Canadian physician currently working in Canada. She & I want to get married & live in US. How can we do so without suffering long immigration wait times / her having to take a career break?

Here are issues:
1. If i were to get married to her & apply for her PR, it seems we will have to currently wait for ~21 mths (1 yr 8 mths for I-130 approval in F2A-ROW category as per Feb 2015 bulletin + 1 to 2 months of consular processing)
2. She cannot easily come on H1B as doing so requires her to give 3 exams (USMLE-1, 2 & 3) - difficult while working full time
3. She cannot practice as a physician on TN visa in US
4. She can come on J1 (eg: for fellowship), but admissions aren't till Summer 2016. Plus, coming on J1 requires arduous waiver process eventually
5. I cannot immigrate to Canada because my career here in US is linked to my geo location (she works in a geo-independent career)
6. She only want to practice as a physician (medical research/PhD aren't viable options for her)