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    Hello all,

    I am on OPT STEM extension until feb14, 2014. I got laid off by my current employer on 31st Dec...leaving me only 30 days on my OPT STEM period to stay unemployed that ends Jan 30th. I have not found any other employment yet.
    My 60 grace period ends on April 14th, 2014. My F1 visa expires end of July'14.

    I am planning to get my H1B filed this April through a consultant. Hoping that my H1 gets approved through them.
    So far, I have been told that I can continue residing in the country until my H1 status is pending but I am not authorized to work. I can only start working Oct'14 once my approved H1 gets activated.

    My questions are as follows:
    1. Can I continue to stay within the country without violating any immigration status laws between 30th Jan-April 14th period and April 1st to Oct 1st in case H1 is filed & employed or H1 filed & not employed?
    2. Am I eligible for cap-gap?
    3. Can I file for multiple H1s?
    4. In the event that my H1 is denied or my application doesn’t get selected in lottery..Do I have to leave the country immediately or do I have any options left?

    I would appreciate any help and feedback !!

    Thank you!

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