Which start date?

  • Actual job start date

  • A date after OPT approval

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I have two questions related to my OPT employer reporting. I would appreciate any advice.

1. I already had an EAD card through my TPS (for Nepal), and therefore I started working long before I received my OPT approval. Since that EAD card expires in a few months, and I also want to maintain my status, I decided to go through the proper OPT process as well despite already having another EAD card right now. Now that I have my EAD card through OPT in hand, I am wondering what to put in the start date when reporting my employer in SEVP portal. I don't want it to look like I worked more than the 12 month we are allowed to (or started working before OPT started) - which I technically did, but because I already had work authorization. Actual job start date: June 11; OPT start date: July 5; EAD card received in mail: July 29 (today). Would it matter if I put today's date as start date, since I start working on OPT today even though I actually started working a month ago, but through a different EAD? Please suggest.

2. My job is a temp-to-hire position, and currently, I am working through ABC recruiting company for XYZ engineering company. ABC recruiting company pays me, so technically they are my employer, but my actual job location/position/work/everything is with their client - XYZ engineering company, who are planning to permanently hire me after my training is over in a few months. In the SEVP where it asks for employer name, EIN and employer address, which company's information do I put?

Thank you all so much for your time and help.