Opening Business with H1 as passive Partner

I am on H1B and my wife is on H4 EAD. We want to open a software startup company (LLC) and have few questions:
1) I am going to register this company in US with name of my wife who is housewife and she is going to manage everything, and I am not going to work for this anyway. I need suggestions if I can add myself as passive partner and make me as stakeholder in the company? want to know pros and cons.
2) I am also going to register its sister company with same name in India (Pvt. Ltd). As I am on H1B, she will be director in this one too with one of my relative. I want to know if I can be shareholder in ownership in this company in India. I want to know if it affects my life on H1B and can make any complications. Want to know pros and cons.
3) Third question is related to her name. On her India passport, she has no surname, that is why when she got her US Visa, they added FNU in first name and her name as Last Name. She has her state ID and bank account with FNU HerName.
But when she applied for H4 EAD, she got EAD, SSN and Tax ID with her name as First name and in Last name – LNU
Now when opening company, We are using following pattern as we have EAD and SSN in same pattern
First Name = HerName
Last Name = LNU
Want to know if there will be any issue in future