old I 140/ new I 140


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New I 140/old denied I 140.


I have applied for i -140/485 through my present employer , i got RFE for I 140.
I got RFE for the new I 140,because previously I had I 140,that I had applied.

The previous I 140 was determined as fake.At that time for the previous I 140,Iam a masters student in cse.I applied with couple of recommendation letters which were proven to be false in eb2 category.I was ill advised at that time.

They sent a RFE for the previous I 140 and I did not answer it.

Now because of the previous I 140 ,My present I 140( which is all genuiue) got a RFE.

what should i do?

Should i withdraw the previous I 140 that i applied ,I got good contacts with my professors/International office at my univ so should they write a letters to INS and get the previous I 140 withdrawn saying that I was ill advised.

I was new to the country at that time,just graduated and some one told me that i can apply for I 140 thru eb2 as a masters degree graduate and I ended up putting couple of false recommendation letters.

Now because of that I 140,my present I 140/485 with my present employer is in jeopardy.
I request you guys to please advise.