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    I got both my Indian and USA passports and OCI booklet that looks like passport yesterday from NY consulate . Indian passport is cancelled and USA passport has VISA stamp that looks like H-1B visa stamp that I had it on my Indian passport. Expiry date says LIFELONG.
    The Indian immigration dept is super fast I wish US immigration learn something from them or better word is 'outsource' the immigration processing to India too! :).

    Documents Submitted:
    1. 2 copies of Indian passport.
    2. 2 copies of USA passport.
    3. 2 copies of both Part A and Part B with signature in original for each person.
    4. I signed for my 1 year old baby at the end of part -B.
    5. On the front page I took thumb print of the baby. Somebody already posted on this site that he/she did not include thumb print and their application was approved too. Taking thumb print was nightmare and at the end it did not come out that nice plus ink that I used did not go out for few days from my son's thumb! It's also dangerous since he puts his fingers all the time in the mouth. Make sure to make extra copies of Part-B so that you get the thumb impression right.
    6. I enclosed original birth certificate for my USA born son. Copying is not allowed for BC. Some people on this forum sent the copies and there application got approved too. I found that un-ethical so sent the original the way it was done for USA passport application. NY consulate did return the original as soon as my status was GRANTED. In fact I got that before my stamped passport was received without paying extra mailing charges.
    7. Fees 275$ per each person + 15$ for mailing charge for the whole family for return passport service. I did not send any return stamp envelope with original application and also with passports. I sent only one money order that included 15$ mailing charges. Left blank in the money order in 'Pay To' column.
    8. 6 photos for each person since I had extras. I think 4 is enough. Although 2 photos are also enough as somebody earlier posted and his/her application was approved too.

    I did not notarized any documents since it was costing me 5$ per page so I decided to write 'TRUE COPY' and sign and date each of the copies.
    Do not send ORIGINAL passports while submitting Part-B.

    I found too complicated instructions for photographs. So I took photos using my digital camera with yellow wall in my house as background.
    I went to http://www.epassportphoto.com/ site and uploaded the photograph. It does very good job of creating 35mm*45mm photos. In one 4*6 size photo it gives 8 pictures. Does not matter how far your camera is from the face, this site does good job. Developed the final output file for just 29cent in Wal-Mart. I cut it so that it's 35mm in one direction. Other direction anyway it gives you 35mm so no need to measure.
    There is warning with this website that we don't know where and how they may use the photos. I didn't care much about the warning.

    Thanks everyone especially Rajivji for maintaining this great site. I used this site for all of my immigration processes starting from H-1, Labor, 140, consular processing, After GC, N-400 and OCI (Normal desi route!). This is probably the last link most of us would ever come.

    My timeline:
    Filled Part-A online - 10-Oct-2006

    Mailed Part-B - 20 Feb-2007 (Yes I was too lazy sending part-B!)
    Document received at NY consulate - 22-Feb-2007
    Date Of Acknowledgment 27-FEB-2007
    Registration Status Granted On 09-MAR-2007
    Photo/Signature Scanned On 07-MAR-2007
    Documents Printing Status PRINTED
    Documents Printed On 10-MAR-2007
    Documents Dispatched to Concerned Mission/Office on 12-MAR-2007
    Documents Received at NEW YORK CGI 20-MAR-2007
    I mailed passport TO NEW YORK ON - 20-MAR-2007
    Passport received at NEW YORK ON - 22-MAR-2007
    Stamped passports and OCI booklet received on - 29 Mar 2007
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    Cool Dude,


    you have done excellent documentation. Anyone can follow the process very easily.
  3. gabbar007

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    When to Send Indian Passport for Cancellation?

    Congratulations Cool Dude. I have one question, when do you send the Indian Passport for Cancellation, along with Part-B, or later when you send your US Passports?


  4. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude Registered Users (C)

    I sent Indian passport later on along with USA passport.

  5. aabbcc11

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    Did you not send 2 copies of Part A? The SF consulate website says to send 2 copies of Part A and Part B . Or at least I read that way somewhere.
  6. GChopes

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    Congrats, I am just researching now. As per your posting, entire family can apply at the same time. However I read that children under 18 yrs not eligible for OCI? Can I apply for my kids who are just toddlers with US passport for OCI?
  7. samosa1

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    When you submitted your Indian and US passport copies, did you send copies of ALL pages, or only the pages having entries on them?



  8. Kabes

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    No - they do not need copy of ALL pages. Neither do they need copies of any "stamped" pages, like visas or entry/ exit stamps. All they need is the first 3-4 pages and maybe the last 2 pages, showing your personal details etc. Dont bother including any middle pages with visas/ entry stamps etc....
  9. Cool Dude

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    Yes you are right you have to send 2 copies for both Part A and Part B. Part A is where you stick photograph in each copies and put signature or thumb impresion in the box.
  10. Cool Dude

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    For Indian passport copies first 2 pages (copied on the same page) and last page. For US passport only the 1st page. For Indian passport I had stamped on multiple pages but did not send those pages.

  11. Cool Dude

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    Thanks. Yes of course you can apply for your kids OCI as long as one of the parents have US passport. I did apply for my toddler.
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    I have applied for OCI.Can someone guide me how do i know that it has been granted.Unfortunately i have misplaced the registration number.

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