OCI for non-Indian spouse


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Hi, I wonder if anyone has experience getting OCI for a non-Indian spouse of a former Indian citizen who applied for OCI at the same time. I applied along with my spouse in June, and got mine in about a month and a half. However, hers is still in process for almost five months. Is this normal?
Hi, I am in a similar situation as your wife. My wife, who is a naturalized US former Indian citizen, applied last year and got an OCI card within 6 weeks. I then applied in February as her spouse. The application was processed in NY and sent to Delhi in early March and has been "under-process" since then. After sending many emails and phoning the NY consulate, I was finally told that the application is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs and that there is no timeline for how long that will take.

Did your wife eventually get her OCI card? If so, how long did that take and did you do anything to expedite the process?

Thanks for any information,
Zig Fiedorowicz


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Yes, hers was approved after about 6 months, but apparently only because they mistook the marriage date due to the reversed date format in the US! Idiots! I had mentioned this when I submitted the application too (in Germany, by the way, so maybe that's why). Your case I'm not sure about. You are also male, so maybe for non-Indian men it takes a lot longer...